Game Development in Python 3 With PyGame – 16 – Convert to executable


Because of him I actually did good in English

Oh, and given the red rudolf nose, not unlike Bannon, they are hard core drug/alcohol users. Working under Trump, I am guessing Spicer is now too. Hell, who wouldn’t have a bottle in their desks, and curl up in the fetal positions to avoid an improntu “chat” with Trump.

So what if everyone wrote in the same writing system??


Nit picking nerd 🤓

The guy was a genius.

I am so amazed by the dissection of the Iranian revolution.

While preserving the fun had a major impact

Esta para android

Pops dead at 1:24 😂😂

A little feedback. …a little space between your words as it’s more natural and pleasant to listen too. ..just my opinion ((-:..good luck.

I tentatively identify myself as a Zen Buddhist. Very good! I look forward to these other eastern philosophy videos.

Prince Ea what is your job?

A paragraph essay is something that all of are teen’s and adults

Red Alert 2 is the best strategy game of all time in my opinion.

-uncle Charley (TV series)

Movie accent expert? Sometimes I try not to hate but then something like this comes along.

Good bro… u are indeed resourceful n informative

When will you come Pakistan we really need such a talented and awesome professor like you

That last sentence… made me grin 🙂


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