Game Development in Python 3 With PyGame – 5 – Display Text on Screen


This man will be forever intriguing to me

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“The way you talk to you close friends”

You have to have a certain level of intelligence to understand his music

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I should’ve died many times. Silly, serious accidents; plus a childhood of being demeaned and beaten by mum and her vile husband. I’ve got PTSD now from all of that. Everyone measures you on how successful you are. Like Stephen just said, you end up just thinking of yourself as a cunt.

I knew marvel movies looked kind of bland and ugly but didnt exactly know why. you are the first guy i heard this from and every movie review never mentions this problem and just gives them high scores. good thing wonderwomen disnt look like this but i feel like this was tge main problem for barman v superman.

Thaanks man! You’re really going to save my exam



I don’t usually comment on social media. But this guy compelled me to do so.

Hello, I’m Farah from Malaysia and this is very informative. I hope you have a transcript soon. Thank you.

Easier to explain saying Psycho(mind)linguistics(language), but thats just me :P, i got a friend who is getting is degree on something similar to that


I thought something was wrong with me for thinking so. But now I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks the color grading in these movies are kinda ugly.

Viggo Mortensen isnt amerikan hes Danish

It doesn’t really matter. With just a few words, someone harassing me in the street is showing to me that nothing really matters because whoever wants it can become more powerful than me, can have a power over my life that I don’t want anyone to have: the power of frightening me, of making me feel vulnerable and violated.

Wow, I wanted an essay lecture…. NAILED IT!!!!


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