Game Development in Python 3 With PyGame – 8 – Score, challenge, conclusion


I have final exams on this book tomorrow and i havnt read it.. any suggestions?


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How’s watching this in 2017

Ight, how much did thugger pay this nigga

If u dont know what is a synonym what is the use o writting an essay

I can’t stop laughing when she do the thing to the pipe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

How you are an amazing teacher! thank you ❤️

I’m hoping for Rogue Servitors instead of Skynet (Wall-E instead of terminator).

The best example of this is Flash Gordon and Ted, where ever this makes Ted a bad or a good movie is debatable.

I don’t believe that everyone is overtly sexist maybe everyone is a little sexist but i think we could look at people in power as groups because no one rules alone so let’s imagine a board of director on Fortune 500 company, it’s equal, 5 men 5 women and let’s look at it like a tribe where they have diffrent beliefs but fighting for the same thing in different ways now one on the board is very sexist the rest is not but they are somewhat indifferent and this mans other skills are unique so they need him like they all need each other, anyways he wants an all men STEM division and the others be like: no but he is fanatical in his beliefs and it’s only one division so they allow it and it escalates over time and in almost every power group there is one of these people that gradually changes the organisation because of indifference. (Btw do I get an A for this text?)

Noam: Well the metal in the FMRI machines is funding American weapon corporations who are controlling the Cuban government, helped by the invasion of privacy that the big corporations like google who want to watch you jack off and use that information to black mail you into selling your children to isis. See it started back in the black panther movement in the 60’s when activists…

Easy to understand boring subject

I only oppose to the idea of religion as union, i think the religion is responsable for our differences and our ideology. As well as nations, we are able to observe how these patriotic and barriers of ideology had caused wars and corruption. A good example was difference between communists and capitalists, the world almoust was at nuclear destruction because differences, no matter which side you are or not.

I’ve been working at it. I made this many years ago.

Phelane ka kam mera hai, SIR

NPU Vikings Holla!!! (I’m commenting to prove I’m a nerd and doing my homework)

Plz upload more videos as like this.

This series is amazing! Thank you!

This is great (as a programmer myself). Can’t wait to see you refactor your code to optimize it for speed! Go Tango Go!

In the case of Dudley and Stephens, nobody mentioned anything about the fact that Richard already drank seawater and he was literally dying. There was no way they could have saved him and no one is a futuristic ideal human, so surviving by killing the eventually killed person isn’t wrong. If he were informed, he would have been panicked and the behavioural changes would have affected the situation in a very bad way where more people could have been killed.

I’m super duper good at coding I’m even creating a video game and I’m only 8

Do “Childhood’s End” by Arthur C. Clarke.

Brilliant linguist


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