Geany IDE for Python 3 on Windows


We’re glad you like the video. The animation was created using Adobe After Effects CS5. The music and sound effect were sourced from various locations; we recorded some ourselves and created bits using free sound loops that came with the Final Cut Pro suite.

Can you do a video on Adi Shankaracharya?

Nice ideas, pitty though, the people driving globalization are causing missery and divide and are using doing it for personal interest.


The world is allready overpopulated. and 2 child families wont do anything to fix that. one child families are the soulution.

Legit the best review summary.


For anyone that can provide some insight, how long would you say it would take, or perhaps how difficult would it be, to be able to wrap your head around the use of case when learning a language. I understand the concept and why it’s used, but as someone who speaks English and French, I’m not sure how easily I could come to terms with it when I ultimately learn a language that utilizes case.

You guys and the entire crash course team gives me much hope in a word saddled with the high consumption of irrelevant information


Love your henna

Bitcoin did run from 200 when I bought it to 1100 couple weeks later in late 2013. It then fell to 150. There will be growing pains. ETH would probably benefit from a massive pullback, down to double digits. Money would change hands, issues would be addressed, weaknesses would be strengthened, lessons would be learned. You can’t expect parabolic moves like this to be without set backs. Nothing in history has ever failed to correct.

You can basically get away with whatever you want…

Like the AC/DC input 😀

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