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I’ve stopped at 0:03.

Love it…we are all humans..leaves of one tree, drops of one ocean…citizens of mankind…:-) brilliant work..

Well then any 13 yr old is as good as buddha….cuz i found his ideology to be a vey basic human intellectual. thought..

And DR Kerry Spackman Winner of the 2009 KEA World Class Award for Creative Thinking, Kerry is one of those rare polymaths who can operate at the highest international level in multiple disciplines. He has a unique ability to make complex topics simple and engaging. say in his book the winner bible:

The future of Feminism

-Economists use three main measures to achieve the goals above: GDP, unemployment rate, inflation rate → GDP most important: value of all final goods and services produced within a country’s border within a specific period of time (usually a year)

I don’t quite understand why there has to be a perfect 50/50 split of men and women in every field. Why can’t there be fields that are simply dominated by men and other fields that are dominated by women? As long as there is an equally easily achievable opportunity to enter every field for both sexes, it is perfectly fine for there to be deviations.

He did’nt really say much at all in this segment

Fools… how I pity them. 😂 And yes by the way, I DO have a Rick and

Thank you very much for a well-balanced, structured and useful lecture!

Intertextuality is just the production companies ways of making sure they will make money, not caring at all about art, depth in the history & proper script writing, directing cleverness, etc. It is what basically kill a movie / franchise. The best recent example is Kingsman 2, a producers-making-money kinda movie where 100% of it is intertextualised. Huge turd, while the first one was in fact watchable and likeable according to me…

Nice…A must watch for Intermediate students..

Well base on the situation, the truth is that, the law is made by men, and only the living can face law’s intepritation, if the boy was not kill for other to survived there will not be anthing to talk about today and the will not be a room for what we are talking about today, all men are living today base on secrifse that some made many years back. let us exame a situation were a woman is pregnant and expeting a bay but what could happen is that the preregnat is etopic pregnat, it’s fifty fifty, so no man will like to trad with his life, the pregnacy must be terminated for sorvivrer of the mother. so there are situations that demand for a radical solution, in other to allow contnuity of man esistence.

Its so sad how man does not realize what its doing to our planet aka earth we created all this heck! how can we be so cruel to our OWN planet at least aliens do better than us and the worst thing is that no one cares about animals YOU KNOW ANIMALS HAVE A LIFE TO AND ITS U AKA HUMANS WHO HAVE NO LIFE a human: a piece of sh*t an enemy to earth cares about nothing does not help the poor…

Perfect video for getting the basics right. thanks bro.

Dukkha is not mean suffering at all, for the some reason

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