Harley Davidson Fatboy Python 3 Exhaust | Before & After


Obviously Trump didn’t get the memo.

From 4000 bc, a group of people today known as the Indo-Europeans began to spread from the western Steppes, and dominated everything from Gaul to India by 500 bc, yet not mentioned by any ancient writer, why? because its a bogus theory.

These short presentations are awesome! Thank you! 🙂

The dialect coach makes some great observations, but the video title needs work. “Movie accent expert breaks down 31 actors playing real people.” Really??? 😂 It should read something like, “Movie accent expert breaks down 31 performances in biopics.” Come on, WIRED.

What if judith butler is secretly this small-scale sociopath whose entire life’s work is just a ploy to get people to argue on the internet and now she’s just sitting back and laughing maniacally? sometimes you have to ask the hard questions.

With all due respect, this woman may want to consult with her colleagues in the Psychology Department before further analyzing why he talks like this.


Mr. Clifford is wearing an AC-DC belt buckle

Bhi ji app kha rata ho pls, address send kar tho

My god is Crom

So grateful for these videos. You’re the best.


Your cute

Ahh, somehow I want to buy all of them

This video should be kept in a time capsule.


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