How to add a Matplotlib Graph to Tkinter Window in Python 3 – Tkinter tutorial Python 3.4 p. 6


Read about Islam and see the truth.

Why didnt i find this video 8 years ago omg @@ attractive way of teaching and reaally helpful

I would put A Clockwork Orange, and Blood Meridian on this list.

To get back to the video’s, with current switches to HDR and OLED technology the dynamic range of these devices have become so large that you don’t have clip the video image anymore(true blacks and whites). The problem simply is that you and I don’t have these screens jet.

It was actually 9

Indo-european connection is all about language, not race!! Gypsies came to europe 2000 years ago, they are still gypsies

A day in the life if HR,

Why do we even need jobs once automatism takes over?

The rounded handwriting is what I use and is true for me

Time frame is wrong.

Why cash has return? not count inflation, unless you put it in a bank or some kind of CDs, an amount of cash will remain the same for a hundred years! So basically cash is 0% return and 0% standard deviation right?

Wow you’re insanely good at art, I’m v jealous. I adore art but I’m not that good at drawing😫

Immigration = Colonization – “Diversity” = Fewer White Children

Lady… YOU ROCK!!!! Thanks for the video!

I am only hearing problems here but no solutions. Yes human existence and society has its faults, but are there any proposed solutions?

Hi Sara, in this case, the problem concerns the USE of plastic bags, so we are facing negative externality of consumption. In IB essay questions, they will specify the problem associated with the USE of demerit goods or production activities, making sure you pay attention to those key words and don’t mix them up.

From most angles, he looks like Dean Pelton from Community.

Where is this place?

16-Obesity and unhealthy living on the rise. Because of this, we will be dependent of medication for the rest of our days.

10:13 YTMND!

5 year plans are better

Libertarian socialism isn’t very different from anarchism, it’s just less extreme, i think.

Overall: A-

I’m surprised they didn’t bring up Peter Singer.


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