How-to connect to MongoDB from within Python 3



1232 .378386 W | PID: 4436 | 500 .376386 [6864:4748:WARNING:resource_bundle. cc(252)] locale_file_path. empty()

This guy smells of money…..

Thank you for making this video! I have been studying Foucault for a bit now and it was so helpful to have the audio and visual components instead of just reading the words, it really helped it all click. Thank you!

Currently bullshitting a walking dead fanfiction

Why the hell do you care? What did he do for you? Nothing he created changed your life for the better if you’re honest about it. Toys, just fucking toys.

& read Arabic

Sir pls upload statistics lectures also

This videos are just great – well done and thank you!

How do you know i dont slay dragons and fight Voldemort?

Anti depressants make depression a chronification thingy (“relapse, relapse, relapse…”).

Why can’t we have teachers like this who care instead of union workers waiting for a paycheck.

The city of the dreaming books by walter moers

Well taught and it is not 20 mins long, easy to understand.. thank you. JW

The Big Man picks up my fresh eggs every day

Fuck me man this is gold

Im speechless, amazing movie!!! Pictures, music and those stories. I love it.

It’s funny because I’m pretty sure that this series is just a long, extremely awesome, disguised advertisement for The Fault In Our Stars. But remember, John is awesome, this is just a joke. Don’t go crazy. #TFIOSForever


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