How to Convert Python 2 Files to Python 3 on Mac – Tutorial


You need Markiplier XD (I am referencing his astrology and bridge video)

C&C Tiberium Wars best of all time

I’m so tired of liberals in the comments trying to paint all Trump supporters as uneducated idiots. Lack of knowledge or education is not the only way someone could come to a different conclusion than you have. The very fact that you can’t see through the MSM’s lies and propaganda suggest that maybe YOU are the stupid ones. You are the ones who can’t think independently and are only able to regurgitate the same propaganda over and over again, even when you have ZERO evidence. Try thinking for yourselves for once, you might like it. Trump isn’t going anywhere so I suggest you snowflakes get over your loss. If you don’t like losing I would suggest you take a look at why you lost and maybe try to fix it.

Your amazing at art!! I’ve just started my GCSE course (y10) and im really enjoying it so far!! I hope I can do as well as you in my exam xx

Este juego es muy facil para imformaticos XD ajajja

Bseb ke liye bhi koi video dale..

I love this guy, at 50.10 he had me dying laughing. Kenneth I will bring you an entire box of cookies to come sit in on one of your lectures.

You’ve completely ruined what’s left of what is good about the ‘core’ marvel movies. Now when I grudgingly watch avengers 3 and infinity wars and whatever the hell is left, I’m going to notice the desaturated colors and scream “COMIC SANNNNNS”

Marvel – “Not enough black”

Your reflections are very welcome on this thought.

I’m Jaxx, and my story is Graffiti: The Legendary Twelve.

Best episode yet


Thank you! So much 🙂

‘No hole will be left unfilled’

Loved the way you explained the concept (y) it was clear and crisp.

Listen man, there are so many things out of your control…u should not try to control them…control yourself


I get that she’s trying to describe instead of making normative judgments, but isn’t he incoherent? Aren’t most people who listen to him speak often thinking, “what is he talking about?” I get how fans at a rally, can tune into the emotional pitch of a speaker like Trump, but for the rest of us, aren’t we all struggling to make sense of his words?

Welllllll…..frodo is not human


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