How to create and run a Python 3 file on Mac


This video is super clear. thank you. I watch it a few times in preparing for my test.

I have to write my english hl exam in 6 hours and here i am

Very valuable information, thank you

Something interesting about the German dialect spoken in northern Hesse: The concept of feminine nouns is relatively “new” in German (originating from plural forms), and it hasn’t been fully adapted for that dialect. For example, when referring to women, their names may be prefixed with ’s (e. g. “’s Brunhilde,” with no pause inbetween), and “es” is used instead of the personal pronoun “sie.”

The so-called “innovation in russian” simply means massive borrowing from other languages!…There nothing to innovate when just borrow a word.

It was very helpful thank u

Ive been confused for an entire semester for this course, and you just explained everything i needed for my final in a fraction of one class time. thank you so much!

Everything Trump says is horseshit with a capital HORSE!!!

Can i get the packet if i am from Malaysia? hehe

Self-interest does not always exclude the interests of others.

The Iberian Peninsula isn’t inhabited by Indo-Europeans?

Illuminati refrences and symbols. lex luther in the movie keep saying over and over

Take your signs to 77 Shay.

As relevant today as it was in 2010 regardless of who is in charge of the farm.

Awesome! Thanks so much for this man, very helpful..hope you were not lying to us haha

However, I’m concerned about the long-term affects of teaching biases in the Freshman Composition classes. Are we limiting our students to a lifetime without critical thinking skills and opting instead for minion or “approval skills?” (Approval seeking may be gender-biased teaching. Do boys seek teacher approval?)

This has got to be the best thing I’ve ever seen! Miss Obama :'(

I wish you were in my university, for sure.

Biological female is objectively defined. Unlike biological sex, gender

They seem insane.

I’m not sure how to feel about that

Now Doctor bot is the answer to cheap healthcare

How is homo translated to “wise”?


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