How To Create List In Python 3


Great job. Talk about clarity!! slick..

Good video

Hahahahahaha WTF

More automated jobs = richer economies. Countries are already experimenting with a standard wage regardless of employment for citizens and discovering that there are huge emotional and psychological benefits compared to the current status quo. Creativity will flourish when menial jobs no longer exist.

I’m so offended by his “one and only life” … that’s complete and utter.. how could someone be so small minded, not to be aware of reincarnation?

All those conlangs are composed with english sounds, boring

Exam in one month

Ummm….Microsoft created the first tablet in 2002. iPhone I wouldn’t call beyond revolutionary. There were touchscreen phones (though few) before it. The iPhone just brought it to the next level. The GUI is debatable depending on what you call commercially available. And I’ll give you the iPod.

V. My idea works (details, data)


1.The Lord of the Rings


When you move really really slow during rush hour and everyone starts screaming at you 🙁

Fapping like there is no tomorrow


They don’t teach people what actually matters, we have lost our way, there was a time 100 years ago when we lived in peace, Empires spread across the Earth, trade flourishing, Europe united, under Emperors, stable and ethnically one, and then in 1914 some fucks fucked up everything

If you just fast forward to the portions where Mr. Clifford is teaching, that is where all of the information is hiding. This video should only be 4-5 minutes.


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