How To Find Keys and Values in a Python 3 Dictionary


Thanks for the five tips

Well, 60% of all degrees, there you go. Full Stop.

Jade start a travel channel! ❤️

*Donald Trump Giving jobs to Chinese people not to American people

I didn’t notice any imabic pentameter in Shakespeare, I just read it as if it were prose so I could be done with it as soon as possible. It was as if someone was trying to make that book as complicated as possible so that nobody would be able to understand it.

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Jack see this I hate 🕷 To

Please do the Pokemon pantheon. Also Dragonball Z

Americans and British should be shameful for their interpretation and organizing the 1953 coup which completely distrusted our democracy and then supporting a dictator in IranAnd nowadays you’re supporting this Islamic fascist regimes by signing agreement without emerging that to do his international agreement such as human rights agreement and agreeing personal freedom.

This is why you should always carry some explosives (in case you need to derail a train).

Lo juraste!!, pone like

You did mostly famous books and not books that stood as the best on there own merits alone

This was great. I appreciate you taking the time to make this video!

Although Chomsky is his own thoughtful, insightful and knowledgeable self, I get the sense that the interviewer was ill prepared and even a bit arrogant in his approach.


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