How To Format A String The Old Way in Python 3


Too good sir i like it most and really it is very helpfull and one request that pls pls make the video of all chapter of micro and macro sir pls and i also want that book.

Yes a couple books written a generation after the Alleged events do Say Jesus rose from the dead and one book even says the all the tombs in Jerusalem opened and the dead walked the streets.

3:and all the ladies will come to you TADAAA!!!

It’s just harder to say with an American accent

I’m sorry to say but Frodos no human

Dhanyavad sir

Watched this in class today!

WHAT?! No Twillight?!! NO way!!

Comeone Wisecrack. You know the world will never be ready for Twilight again.

The ideological function of celebrities in today’s warped society is precisely to drive home the message that success, especially financial success, has nothing whatsoever to do with effort or talent.

One thing I have come to believe about art/media/literature recomendations is that I should take them way more than I actually do. We all come from so many different walks of life and with all of the thousands upon thousands of books, movies, music, sound, video, etc. it is easy to miss the sort of thing we would look for. Not only is it a great excuse to try something new, but I’ve found some of my favorite stories from other people.

There are more games that are awsome like

I’m loving this channel thanks for your support

Unless the governments are incredibly stupid, regulations will keep the use of automation without economically profitable limits.

Your so motivated in your actions do what you want because you will still go far💯❤️


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