How to install NumPy SciPy Matplotlib for Python 3 on Ubuntu 17.04 16.04


I need to point out that adriene is a sexy momma.

Freaky animations. I enjoyed it. The word I was looking for, was terrifying, actually.

Excellent information!!!

7:55 typing random commands on cmd while the guy talking about automation engineers, such a 1337 h@x0r

Wasn’t he captured by pirates in the Gulf of Mexico with Troy Barnes?

Do you cover all unit 1? (not summary? long version)

Of course, those who are not naive will easily understand how this reinterpretation of the past in reality


HAAAAA! I live in NYC, I took one look and one listen to Mr. T more than 35 years ago and I knew I wouldn’t trust him to sell me a f’ing hot dog. But he had his PHONY SCHTICK down to such a performance that many people couldn’t tell slick from sick. He spent four decades building his Empire of Illusion. Then sold the rest of his soul for the payoff.

If u reply i would be soooo happy!! Literally u just came up in recommendations and then i wathced this and subbed

I pretty sure that the connected letters are because I am just lazy and care same with the open o and the missed dot on the i

I m very enjoy to see your videos i really would like thank from my heart. you teach very well, and i hope that you will come soon with new video

Which means you are on the right way. Best wishes 🙂


This makes me sad

Is it a right way?# liz.


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