How to install OpenCV module Python 3


I have found existentialism exhilarating =)

This guy is better than all of WIRED

You saved me…. thank you so much!!!

This is it. All our jobs are going to be taken by robots. We will all starve


This is so sad


So beatbox is a language of odd sounds from other languages. The more you know.

Ah.. y buen vídeo me gusta esta serie

Natural? Shit don’t sound natural at all

That title is a myth on its own.

I’m so happy for you, Jade!

Charlamagne was inbred

If that does ever happen, people can just move to LEDCs and work there. No way will this ever reach poorer countries. Obviously there are loads of problems with this but…


This is a really really late comment but personally, I feel that, to some degree, young women are not exactly encouraged to pursue STEM careers. Take it from a 17-year old in a public science high school from a third-world country trying to pursue a career in physics, which is arguably one of the most male-dominated fields in research. In my year, the ratio of boys to girls is two is to one. Overall, there are more males than females in my school. This can mean that when there are issues affecting the student body, such as, let’s say, overpopulation (because our country had just adjusted to a K-12 curriculum and they were not able to build additional dorms because of budget constraints), the males would be given a higher priority than females. In our campus, there are 2 dorms each for males and females. For the past four years the females only occupied one, so the following school year, when the student population was expected to increase by 25%, they decided that to give the unused dormitory to the boys. Somewhat reasonable based on the logistics, however, the girls were either forced to cram their already full dormitory to accommodate the new tenants. Some of the girls were forced to vacate the dorm, while the others, like myself, were forced into smaller, more crowded rooms. Unfortunately, the stress accumulated due to the taxing requirements accompanied by the new, less-conducive-to-studying atmosphere of the room. My mental health degraded and I started have panic attacks. I was not able to attend classes for a long period of time–long enough for the higher-ups to consider my dismissal from school. Take into account that I had been performing exceedingly well before I developed severe anxiety. I was one of the very few in our year who was consistently in the honor roll. In the end, the school gave me an ultimatum: either catch up on everything that I missed (which was half a year of work) within two weeks, repeat a year, or withdraw. I chose the last option for the sake of my mental stability.


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