How to install pip3 for python 3 in Ubuntu


They took our jobs


If anything read The Ghosts Of Heaven by Marcus Sedgewick

I understand your point, but this will ultimately lead to the fall of ecnomy, as nobody will be employed, no one will buy the goods produced by the robots… so… would companies (led by robots) kill all consumers and put robots in their place too? What would the purpose of a robotic, perfect-world be? Would the robots be so intelligent to think they need a purpose? Or maybe nothing of this would happen and humans will live without needing to work?

Exam is tomorrow guys!

Hi Liz is there any of your video about body paragraphs???kindly give me the link??

Michel Foucaults bullshit. I can see why Berkeley students are so stupid.

@TheGeneralThings Couldn´t it be Earth vs. The problems of the Earth?

“Should Bateman kill the Joker…?”

Games serve the culture of cult following which leads to trust in one team of politics over another just like it is in all games.

1920s: 4

Mister swan can I introduce the intro about what im going to write about using commas if the three points significantly are based on the same thing?????

ME confunden los gráficos del juego D:

2016 .Oh boy xD

I fucking love you

I’m a fan of Young Thug just because you can bump to his music even though you can’t understand him, but this whole video is bullshit. He’s not trying to show different emotions when he says “skrrt”, he’s just doing what sounds good

to group the thinkers according to their most common classification,


Surprisingly accurate description of Buddhism. Good job The School of Life.

Hello, I’m Slovenian. The Slovenian language has 3 genders and 6 cases. However there are 4 masculine types of case endings, 4 feminine types of case endings and 3 neutral types of case endings. That means that alltogether there are 11 possible ways of changing the word’s endings, according to what gender it is and what groups within that gender it belongs to. In plain words, you have to learn 11 × 6 = 66 endings.

Our teacher said 5-6 but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that… :/



“Ok thanks grandpa”


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