How to install Pygame for Python 3 on Win64


Nice video

Thank u sir.. ☺

Most smartest eh?

This helped a lot

Sir English 1 ka paper mst. gay sir ji jay say aap nay kah tha vasa hi likha h

I agree this game just looks awesome and they should keep the current style, this game really looks promising. Looks like the succesor of total annihilation everybody wanted.

This is the current flag

We are all equal in the eyes of God. my heart goes to those they called Dalits, this is so unfair

This is basically what I have to teach my third graders on Monday. I am totally watering this down for wee brains so we can talk about reader responses and why they matter.

This guy has made HALF A BILLION (HALF A FUCKING BILLION) stealing money of those who have lost all hope in their lives whilst proclaiming to want to only help them and ‘give something back.’ Ted should be ashamed of their ignorance and stupidity as should the people who have watched this video and enjoyed it.

(insert Mind Blown meme)

Great tutorial! Thank you so much!!!

Shit this was interesting.

Soooooo irrelevant

Also, German typically uses TMP (Time, Manner, Place)

I think in order to formulate a theoretical framework I have to formulate the research objectives and link them to the research questions. To answer the research questions, I have to formulate hypotheses that help support each component of the theoretical framework. Am I right?


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