How to Install Python 3 3 on Ubuntu Linux


I said it once and I’ll say it again. Humanity needs Tri-gun tanks.

This was so accurate to the book, and the summary was kickass

This was such a great talk! He sounds like such a beautiful person. I did not agree with his interpretation of ‘there is still a chance’ when his wife said no in the beginning though. I mean great for him that it worked out in the end but asking out someone is a special situation and depending on the situation your persistence could be harassment for the other person. The general point of his talk is crystal clear but I guess this was not a good example.

Fuck! this is the real education should be!

Why are there so many thumbs down votes on this video? :/

Im wondering if you could please share your thoughts of what you would put before a thesis statement at the beginning of the introduction paragraph. Seeing as though the thesis statement is at the end of the 1st paragraph – what comes before it? Can you please provide examples relevant to your example essay questions?

Everyone thinks they are not meant by this. Which makes this all a huge circlejerk.

Ram nam satya hai, Hari Om!

I love you Emma,,,,you are great

True lol

Also “Nausea” by Jean-Paul Sartre is an interesting book, but it is very specific and strange, not everybody will like his style

Thank you for making this.

Where’s world in conflict

1) I agree with FANKANable it’s an insult to suggest to Trump speaks like regular people. Trump is a rambling, lying, F-tard who speaks like a four year old.

Ий афто-ль йий домяну.

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Guy hears shout from a classroom

Intertextuality, from what I’ve always understood it as, is not necessarily even associated with nostalgia. It serves to comment or recontextualize a work by referencing it IN SERVICE OF ANOTHER NARRATIVE.

If you change the speed to “0.5” he sounds drunk lol


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