How to install python 3.4.1 on windows 8


And if some dumb ass confuses that with “Well uh, I’m afraid of heights so Ima go jump off a cliff.” Its no wonder why people like to critize without truly understanding him.

Where did you get your necklace?

Thank you!

Just listening to his outro made me laugh

Lool..I thought he was saying batman was cuntian😂😂

This guy is correct and mira sydow they sent to me an email is totally incorrect especially in grammar

Thanks so much for this entire course! I’ve learned so much!!

Spanish at school.

Dinner trays for the holidays,

In a similar position, it does the same thing.” –Holmes Jr., Oliver


Freestyle on dis..

Your heart’s been aching but you’re too shy to say it

3:19. . but Frodo isn’t a human…..😉😉

Thanks sir


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