How to install Python 3 and Jupyter on Mac OS


Hey, that’s pretty good

Do my homework!😊😋✏🖍🖌🤓

@ShwangShwing coming from mr ching chong wing wong

Not saying Charlemagne is dumb, but he can be so stupid sometimes while talking to actually smart people, he got lil bro’d on this one.

@arenejo That’s what is being investigated right now. The theory is that their limbic system is under developed, but parts like the occipital lobe are over developed, leaving them in a constant and emotionally crippled predatory state.

Hi John! Please read anything by Jane Austen in your next video. THANKS!

This man is my geography teacher 😂😂

3. Business Administration Department Project Topics and Research Materials for Final Year Students

This is very helpful, David. I showed this video to my class as well. Do you have a video that explains or breaks down how to write effective body paragraphs?

This guy z a douche bag

I’d kill for an HD remake of earthworm jim.

Hope this helps!”

Great Video, how many languages and which languages are you fluent in?


This professor has got the potential of winning the Nobel Prize. His focus and his motives are only worth praising. Our problem nowadays and at the time of filming, is that the majority of people(including participants) are being influenced more and more on how to think and how to act. I could see a lot of the replies were clearly influenced by what the Society and Mass Media present to be morally correct. The core of this exercise is pure genius, but it is almost impossible to be able to achieve a purely unbiased debate with the infected young minds we have nowadays. I would make this course compulsory next to Native Language courses in any country – keep that in place for 20 years(not more than once/week) and we might-might be able to change nations as a whole. In essence, it will really clean people of all the Dirt that society throws at them on an intellectual and subliminal level. The dirt that can’t be seen but it sure as hell can be felt if you look into most civilized nations on Earth.

Love you sir for

Hi Liz, I have a question. Is it important that the example provided in the form of some percentage figures need to be factually correct or is it okay to provide a random number just for the sake of providing with an example?


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