How To Install Python 3 On A Mac


Based on the sparkle in her eyes when referring to him, “This Linguist” is willing to be used as yet another one of Trump’s cock holsters. Follow the money, she’s most likely on his payroll somewhere…

I speak American, Australian, Canadian and British

Part 2 pls

“You have to hire ideas not hierachy”

Six months?! Sorry, I don’t have that kind of time.

Anyone remember Broken age, it got like 10 times what it neede to finish the entire game and yet they spent everything with stupid shit and now they did a second kickstarter to finish the game, it’s fucking ridiculous and i’m never helping double fine again……

For economics b do we need to distinguish between micro and macro? Also because the case study is on market failure, should we just focus on this topic?

― Jandy Nelson, I’ll Give You the Sun

Where is Suggestion #4?

I got bored. :/

Sir, you say HR function is not an important function. But I believe that all the other functions do their job skillfully because of the HR function. Because they find right people for the job, they find ways through many process such appraisals, benefits to keep the employees motivated and do their job skillfully. They find ways to retain good talents. As said marketing team is important because they sell even the worst products but the best talents in marketing is brought to the organization by HR.

The audio at the start of this episode was awful. You can do better than this Crash Course! >:[

Bro add CH 1 basics of macro economy

Part 2.


In French nouns have pretty much lost their inflection, although adjectives maintain at least a gender inflection. However, verbs have an extremely complicated inflection which even French native speakers get wrong in the extreme situations.


How could you miss animal farm?

Lol who else watching this the day before their a level ECON3 exam :’)

5:10 made me laugh out loud. Thanks.


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