How to Install Python 3 on a Mac



You sound like a person who doesn’t go out.

Why are there dislikes

Your lesson was enjoyable.

Gona mejor quita la cara

“Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting.” – William Shakespeare (Henry the V)

If you pay somebody enough money and give them an accent tutor, they can say anything.

(I’m sorry, that was a joke)

Why isn’t this called Interplanetary Annihilation??

In Polish, “Piór” means feather. “Długopis” is pen.

Do they have any stories? He said they don’t have a creation myth. I wonder if they tell any stories. Could they say “I heard this and I heard that.” every time they say a sentence? I just wonder how it would work. What about art? Do they make pictures of things in the past or things that don’t exist and never have existed?

The sound quality is disturbed but the hypothesis is well explained.

I love that phrase the best idea stays. Too many companies try to right the ship in the wrong direction.

Notification squad! 😀

Game of books. The end is coming.

That false dichotomy between “fake news” versus “real news” was exposed long ago… its all fake news on the mainstream media side. Time to wake up side-playing sheeple…. your “news” and politics and world runs on money and serves only the interests of big money, NOT you.

Hi Dal,

I passed all the game with all the stars in 1 week i think and jack toke like 1 years just to understand the 1 level


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