How To Install Python On Windows (Both Python 3 & Python 2.7)


I think this really only applies to 2 scenarios: 1. If you’re writing for you English teacher and 2. If you’re a professional writer already and writing for a legit publication/website. For regular schoolwork, and more importantly, FOR EXAMS, I found that my teachers appreciated the exact opposite. It was good to use nice words from time to time but maybe a handful (2-3 per paragraph max) and that was to really emphasise a point, like if you really wanted to show how well you understood a certain concept, you would use a fancy word with a very specific meaning that shows clearly to the teacher that you’re not messing about and you know precisely what that term means. But other than that, teachers (and examinators) really really like it if you stick to very common sentence structures.


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Kill a healthy guy to harvest organs for 5 others? Obviously not, that’s just fucked.

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I am a native german speaker and what i like most about german is its flexebility. when i mean in particular is that on the one hand german has such a complex grammar which is really really challanging and sometimes people who live in germany for 20-25 years still make a lot of mistkaes when it comes down to articles and prepositions e. g. BUT in fact you can actually speak german without using any of the grammativ rules at all and without any conjugation nor declination and still people are able to understand. if you just put single words in their basic form right out of the dictionary and put them in random word order still people have a good idea what you wanna say. that is something i noticed does not apply to e. g. korean or maybe asian languages in general.

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Engels shared Marx’s racial philosophy. In 1887, Paul Lafargue, who

This has helped me soooo much!!! I love english so much and am sitting my gcse in a few weeks and I have to do well as I plan on doing English for A-Level and you have explained everything I was confused on so clearly so Thankyou!! 💖

Thanks, I was having an existential crisis, this helped, now I feel better

Today, on a daily basis, we see media propagandists fronting for this administration and special interests.

It’s as if they were instructed by someone, or maybe some Party Program:

Writing a four part legal paper about 35-40 pgs hope this helps..

Basically, this is the end goal of SJWs.


Microsoft Research are shit.

He’s saying that you should be relying on yourself rather than a group of messengers.

To imply that great literature is simply aged popular literature somewhat disingenuous.

So its increasing marginal opportunity cost

6. contribute beyond ourselves to give.

And what is all about “British Overseas Territories”?


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