How to install Python3 + Pygame on mac os x – Mac computer


Mr. Clifford is a lifesaver.

They can’t be harvard students they are so stupid


Schade das es diese wunderbare doku nicht auf deutsch gibt oder..? Obwohl diese doku mal auf n-tv lief, es ist die beste doku die ich je gesehen habe

Youshould make avid of mandaen

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Lol, i just wanted to type that after you said.

All cultures hear the gospel uniquely (_Peace Child_ book/movie). I wonder what would’ve been the result if he had translated the gospel then asked the Piraha to pray themselves and ask God to reveal Himself personally to them? No need for any human to convince them – as Billy Graham said, “a man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument”.

Hi I would like to ask how can we expand our vocabulary?

Our teacher showed this in school

Entrepreneurship and establishing a business should have its own crash course series.

(Ooh give you up)

2: Be attractive



Thank you! I’m learning it a lot and enjoying it as well

They forgot about slovakian.


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