How to install Scapy in python 3 Easy way


– Sonata 06 in F Op.10 – III – Presto

Thank You Sir.. This was really helpfull..

Plz can you tell us about how to use cut marker for different style wrting

I know all of that but he’s still my hero! He’s not an idol, he’s a source of inspiration and wisdom.

That face at 1:18

Why would people want to dominate you? A girl took my hand once and flipped it, but why would she want to dominate me? what does that even mean?

Yes moving eyes around alot fast

“Nothing in life makes sence, except in the light of evolution.” T. Dobzhansky

It’s beyond me why “Personnel” was renamed to “Human Resources”. Guess it happened in the Blair era when everything else got screwed up too.

Thank you so much!!!

Hi Liz, can we write Thesis first, followed by background statement? The above example sounds as shown below –

They want them to look a little more like real life and less cartoony on purpose.

The amazing things we humans do, and the horrible things we do.

India is just so fuckin racist

Bottom line: people don’t speak how they write; and you can’t perform an analysis of someone’s spoken vocabulary using a linguistic tool designed to assess comprehension of their writing.


U should get nobel

Lovingg the thumbnail, soo aesthetic!


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