How to make a basic calculator with python 3


Roses are blue violets are red I love bread

Mongolia is beautiful

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I have to wait a month in advance to get meds so I have 1 more month of suffering if they even work again so to hear he got them in one day is surprising


Your teaching method very good..

Well… Frodo is a hobbit…

I am neither a psychologist nor a philosopher, but I agree with Skinner. Environment is what shapes behavior. Advertisement, big business, and the media, understand this quite well.

Dr. White, thank you this was very helpful, as I was listening and taking notes, a light bulb went off. Many times I forget the K. I.S. S(illy). adage and overthink.

Absolutely brilliant

Inside we both know what’s been going on

Belatedly I would recommend Assassins Apprenticce (and the rest of the trilogy by Robin Hobb)to anyone that enjoys fantasy. The whole world is truly captivating and I spent many a long night finishing them with the light from my bedside lamp as my sole companion. No but really, they at brilliant

Using this in English class.

No Alex is a stupid nigger

Nice, clear and succinct sir! thanks for anything!

Does the ultiimate review packet have a section just for intro to micro because i dont need macro and dont want to do macro work?

I love how half the comments criticize her because they don’t have a clue on what’s the difference between sex and gender.

Just give everyone equal money and let the bots do everything. Easy nobody will complain.

Very nice explanation. Keep up

Well… I here dey is chilren what momma tell em they dont need no book lernin. Also dey mama wont tells dem who her baby daddy be eiter.

When the guy who talks about seeing “angels”, the mutual telepathy of “a shared knowledge” even with strangers he’s never met or spoken too. That just a glimpse can be enough to recognise someone of a simular “knowing” – The lifting of the “veil” of reality during psychotic manic episodes into a higher state of conciousness where ones innerself transcends ordinary reality – I literally believed only I had them abilities…..


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