How to make a reverse complement DNA sequence in python 3 5


What if you have all of the hand writing?

Soon she was cleaning up his shit and giving him food and water while


Great video

If you want to speak english whatsaap number +905435896427.

Great video friend

That’s great – too helpful

Foucault died of Aids which explains that the totality of his work about sexuality is not correct.

9:40 – 9:50 What he answered is so true. Any one agree with me?

” How much time should I take to write introduction?”

Luckily I leave in Russia where education is about hating USA, gays and liberalism🤙🏻

Love from India

I never knew Foucault’s ideas were controversial with historians and such i studied archaeology and i’m happy to say that our teachers were quite alright with his ideas and some even tried to instill a love for his ideas or based their teaching philosophy on his ideas.


Never gonna give you up

He should be president 2020

Getting sick of these comments. Frodo isn’t human, but he is the incarnation of human character.

The title of this video is kind of philosophy but it is very exciting topic and interesting. i enjoy watching.

IGCSE literature this Monday 😬

Typing a 10 page essay.


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