How To Remove An Object From A Dictionary in Python 3


I speak 9 languages

Evolves language? “He uses language in a way that everyone hears something different”

Die Blumen gebe ich der Frau. (Same meaning like SViOdO)

I have read him in the past, and he does a lot of talking, so hang on! If anything I can take away from his message is his energy. His energy ignites the GIANT within you. You do not have to be a world renowned, guru, or famous. Your GIANT may not have that capacity, but it certainly encompasses the thing that satisfies you.

What program does khan use for his videos any idea?

Why does no one think that the only route that is possibly fine – is if the cabin boy kills himself to feed the others? Otherwise, lottery, consent, or not, in all cases it IS murder. Someone else taking the life of another.

Stefan… Okay. I see the farm. But, how do I stop paying my taxes? 🙂

Presidents are just puppets that obey their leaders!

“I hope the world lasts for you.” I like it.

I speak english at school and spanish at home

This is a cool looking game. It reminds me of when I had to write a few assembly programs dealing with registers and doing math operations. Those were the days seeing all the different outcomes different students got by making tiny mistakes in their code. 🙂

What balls this guy had.


Need to be writing an 15 paragraph essay about the cold war right now oops

After Cyrus the great, Reza shah and his son M. R. shah were the most likable kings of Iran.

I write with a mix of about 3/4 of these examples. I also mix capitals and lowercase thought words but it’s never the same each time. Sometimes I write neat and sometimes sloppy. Sometime all lowercase and sometimes all caps. Soooo… Can any of these studies be true?

Couldn’t Batman find himself to be a Rule Utilitarian after all? If he were to kill the Joker, he would set about a precedent for the city of Gotham that vigilante justice is acceptable, which would mean that the society in the long run would suffer from people making quick and rash judgments that Batman could never judge, being committed to the same belief himself?

What institution do you go to? Nice video btw!


4:04 Why do you have glue on your desk?

PositEEve slope lol


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