How to Remove Dupilcate Data using Pandas Matplotlib in Python : Tutorial 3 in Jupyter Notebook


Great videos

2. Reason for argument

So he didnt go to princess school like Obama. Trump is an intelligent capitalist who is putting american economic interests first. Hes not going around the world apologizing for America like B. O. or nuking up Iran and N Korea. I’m tired of you pinko commie leftists with your shallow mindedness. grow up and educate yourselves

“Now you can call all of your friends you understand supply and demand.”

Most people do not even care nor realize what is actually going on in todays world. But why should we care? Our demise is going to happen sooner or later. Or maybe not. Maybe us humans will find a way to become immortal, or maybe we really will end oursleves. What do the rest of you fellow humans think? What do you really think will happen in 20-100 years? Or maybe even longer? I am interested to know.


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He doesn’t speak like my friends or family. They use multiple syllable words and complete, proper sentences. Have you ever read a transcript of a Trump rant? Don’t listen to it, read it. The intellectual immaturity of him will jump right out at you. Like the ghost writer of his book said, he’s got the maturity and intellect of a 9 year old.

I see more mistakes then learning. Did you graduate with a b+? Please post a video where g. e.d writing essay has simple movie 5 paragraph writing..iam having a diffucult time. Fingers crossed:-)

And someone should take the fat fucking sunglasses wearing priest to alley and pop two behind his head. all his arguments are so stupid. those poor kids deserve to be educated, it is their right. someone should set up a fund for them and get them educated and get good jobs then for their graduation present send them back to india to take a dump infront of them priests houses.

I really like the way you explain it, it’s easy and fun to watch, thankyou!

I’m Laughing so hard RIGHT NOW, THIS video basically describes what has been happening for the last YEAR WITH all the Russia BS

E-lasticity, what a guy

◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ Youtube if you are with us

Loved it except for the “at least DC have this figured out” — bull. DC movies look like cheap studio knockoffs of what Marvel does. Maybe it’s the overuse of CG or a dependence on everything being a greenscreen, but to me there’s really no comparison if you’re talking color pallet and texture.

People actually think harvard has good education anymore. That’s laughable. It’s just a cesspit of regressive leftwing ideology now. I mean look at this discussion as an example, it already has removed the context of who the people is, so how is that scenario accurate for a real life situation? it says that the people are of equal value from the very start. now that can happen ofcourse, but highly unlikely.


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