How to use Function’s with Parameters in Python 3


Come on guys!!!

@Icannottolerateit You are free to interpret the Bible in any way that suits you. Indeed, Christians do this all the time. Show me 100 Christians, and I’ll show you 100 different religions. I assure you that there are Christians who would take you to task for what *you* claim the Bible says, just as you would take *them* to task. The atheist has the privileged position of existing outside the debate and seeing it for what it truly is: an argument amongst superstitious fellow humans.

You should do Indian philosophers too, there are lot of wonderful ones

Omfg, People please. Stop being mean to Jack, he’s just doing what all humans do. Make mistakes. stop calling him dumb/stupid.. Because the only ones who are stupid are the ones who can’t even be understandable! I’m happy that there is some who did notify him in a calming way, which is great! Well done! The ones who didn’t though, need to be more caring please.

What ever you might say in a defence:

Lol I see what you did there with that ‘unicorn’s blood’ reference… almost weaponized intertextuality maybe. 😋

I was watching this with my headphones on, and I kept on thinking about every time you moved from left to right after a cut. The change in the direction of the sound was reeealy distracting.


Um…just because the father is a barber does not mean the child is born with the ability to cut hair. The arrogance these people display is disgusting. I’ve been to India, it sucked big time.

Edit: I just got it and it looks like it’ll be super helpful. thx again

Lord of the Rings should definitely be on #1

Tell us something that we don’t know!??

Get Paid To Mess Around On Facebook And Twitter!

Democracy is older than medias, don’t put them in the same nest.

Hi, I’m from England; and I first saw your videos when I was around 15. And I think, AP is equivalent to A-Levels, here in England. When I had to choose the subjects I wanted to do, I was completely lost. But when I first saw your videos.. Something switched on inside of me. Everything I had learnt from your videos, I had to tell everyone (Some may say I’m very nerdy, oh well) I found it so facinating. At the time, I wasnt even taking econmics, I still had a year and a bit to go! But I knew, your videos were going to be truley useful and have honestly made me so intrigued about the way the econonmy works. All my other classmates, who also take econ, I always recommend them to you. Even my teacher! You are an amazing teacher, and I’m happy your hard work and effort gone into teaching is getting recognised and being valued (I saw your vlog) Thank you so much for making these videos, these videos are very much appreciated 🙂

Wtf is this?!?! Too many mistakes! Hungarian lang does not exist? albanian was come in europre from Caucasian mountain in 14 century! That was Illiryan language, that dont have anything with albanians! Tracian was there before Illiryans. From Serbian language later was evolve croatian, and later slovenian! This is not even close to truth

This Trump apologist (who, surprisingly, really is an associate prof in linguistics at Georgetown) took TWO YEARS to compile this simplistic dismissal of Trump’s odd ramblings? Georgetown needs to pay her better so that she doesn’t have to take gigs like this one, and she needs to find better friends and family.

This is an awesome game! Please do more on it! 🙂

So are you white, Mexican what’s the deal here?

We have hard porn, and soft porn

I ran around on the streets in the middle of the night wearing glowbands at a Halloween party.


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