How To Use While Loops In Python 3


Don’t you get it it’s not your physical body leaving the farm it’s your mentality leaving the farm. Your thoughts become free and then you become free in your mind, body, and soul. lol yall will not survive in the forest if your mind isn’t fit for it. Wherever your body goes freedom does not follow, wherever your mind goes then freedom will follow. If your mentality isn’t free then it won’t do any good to try moving far from others in an isolated place.

I will never forget this movie.

Even if you don’t have any practical use in work for chemistry or advanced multiplication but it will sit in your subconscious and even when you’re not using it, the way of thinking sticks and is used all the time and develop your way of thinking. It sticks in your head even if you don’t directly do math. So learning anything means always gaining.

Did he have to say the b word? -_______-

Literally gave me chills from the way he read those quotes

I learn Buddha story since I was 10. hmm, I think the story you tell is missing out info and could be wrong? Is the per who edit this video is Christian religion?

So does those to people confirm the bible?… Or does it just confirm that we came from 2 people?… That thing he said at the end “…the bible got this one right…”, that kinda rattled my Athiesm…

We call em “Anglizismen” find a list here:

Sir if u have make your notes book and selling in market or online plss send me link on online and name of the book in market plss sir

I hope no one over 5 is watching this video

Dont do animal cruelty

Thanks alot, You saved me from falling behind in my work! Again thanks alot

What the fuck is this fool talking about? No, we don’t talk like this. I’ve never met a person who jumps topic with every phrase.


Step 3: Cry a lot.


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