Instalar Python 3, Qt 5.4 y PyQt5 en Mac OS X Yosemite


In all realism, China can make more shoes… The biggest economic problem in America is the simple fact that we are importing more than we are exporting. We’re paying more money than we’re earning.

Erik looks like Dennis from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

You obviously have no idea of Buddhism

I want to know what he thinks of Aaron Taylor Johnson`s accent in Nocturnal Animals

Papillion anyone?

Noam just does not care – he will say what he will say. 🙂

I can speak 10 languages

“Lance Armstrong got emotional strength!” Uh… more like steroids. lololol

Es de litle inferno

@ 1:47 miss beautiful… 🙂

This was so funny I had to keep pausing to laugh

Humans are an incomprehensible species. Such unreasonable, selfish pretence for tiny lumps of carbon.

Thank you very much for your tutorial. I’m preparing for my summer school for English 20-1.

Seriously, I have never watched a video of yours that wasn’t GREAT! By far my favorite channel on YouTube right now

Who knew that missiles kill people? I didn’t know! Nobody knew!


Thank you your lectute to cliefied what does mean human resource


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