Install and Run Python 3


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Hi could you please send all your economics unit 1 and 2 revision notes (AS) as soon as possible please I would really appreciate it. – EMAIL: mediastudies2013@hotmail. co. uk

Great lecture for a layman

this is called controlled opposition…i used to be a slave to that, but then i realized it and stopped following these saboteurs. i hope you do also one day, because with this kind of stuff, you are doing so much bad for simple minded people.

Evolving language? Language is inherently imperfect and ambiguous. You didn’t demonstrate how this has to do with hidden “meaning”. He’s just another mumble rapper.

Hmm, this is not a video that tells you how to write a paper that’s due in 2 days. Well, I’m fucked.

It doesn’t mean Nihilism necessarily as that usually pertains to a person just giving up, you don’t need a god to be fulfilled.

Stefan, This was the first video i saw in your channel and it really catched my attention, i realy want to show to my friends and family, but you see, i’m from brazil, and most of the people don’t understand english, i wish i could translate the video with the youtube subtitles creator, but the video is not available to do so. Please activate the option to do so. Thank you!

Hi Niharika the way you speak is super fun. thanks for your precious guidance😊

… or morality. It is essential to create our own morals to live by. to say that morals are worthless or do not exist is to say that one does not live by ones own code or by ones own self worth. to have no self worth is to be lost, to be lost is to be depressed, to be depressed is to be weak, to be weak is valuable to the strong. those who are willing to create there seance of morality are the ones strong enough to overcome there nihilism and live.

Actually “manufacturing of consent” is a quote form Edward Barney’s book titled Propaganda published in the 30’s I think but that’s a good read…

Good fucking lord me nigga ur perfected the whole game I Honor and endore u

‘And Then There Were None’ doesn’t even get an honourable mention? sigh…

Awesome video, Thanks

Frodo not being a human isn’t the point. His adventure reflects and embodies the human experience of suffering and the will to keep moving forward. His being a hobbit is irrelevant and unhelpful to this conversation.

At the beginning of your video you say that “humans want to dominate” and at the end you say that sustainability requires both true freedom and peace. This means by your own logic, humans are incapable of freedom.

Thats good we can watch netflix all day without work


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