Install Jupyter Notebook, Anaconda, Python 3,Spyder on Windows 7,8,10,Linux and Mac


I don’t think this is Trump hyperbole when I say that Jennifer Sclafani is good looking and intelligent… believe me.

Now say it with a british accent…

Maam please upload video for production function also

Im fucked for tomorrow

Absolutely worth the watch.

Can you do the play, Waiting For Godot? It’s the most confusing piece of literary art.

N isn’t a vowel, but he says “bernie” not “behnie”.

Could you please send us your English notes😜😜xx love your videos and thank you for the motivation xx

Thanks in advance

Thank you for putting effort to make such helpful videos! it means so much!

Sorry lady–obviously you are as ignorant as he is

I love these videos by they make my brain hurt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

May I know the brand of pens used by you

A created meaning for ones self does not satisfy the individuals questions about life’s meaning or purpose, it just is a time filling exercise.

Hot girl


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