Install Python 3 with IPython Notebook on Cloud 9 with Miniconda


Hello fellow youtubers, i have my econ final tonight. please wish me luck.

Edit: woah woah woah I mean best mumble rapper right next to Desiigner in my opinion

How efficient the system is? how is excessive food waste or planned obsolescence efficient? Perhaps it is better than what came before it or better than any idea that has attempted to rival it, but it is not efficient.


Get ready to rage.

Is it wrong, that this got me sleepy?

Really enjoyed this segment a lot!

Define by my standards? No, science has its own definition and it’s not up for debate. Talking around the subject? You’ve done nothing but ad-hom attacks in EVERY comment you’ve made. You mean you want me to argue with you in an incorrect context? I’m not willing to do that, outlawing information is not helpful to a debate, it’s essentially locking away useful knowledge. Imagine not being allowed to speak about evolution at a atheist/theist debate. it’d be pointless, like all your replies.

If not, you have to do blood meridian.

Jack sounds like Gru in a bunch of portions here in his video lol

Whats the name of the painting used behind?

Do these (visuals) exist in poster format?

She wasted two years on what?

In Latvian.

A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of


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