Installing Anaconda 3 Python 3 distribution on Windows 7


And opposing all non-normative sexualities to it,

This is amazing! So many tips that no one else says thank you so much! 😊

The problem of HR people is. Nobody likes them because they don’t tell the truth.

Brad Pitt (Snatch)


For author of this video :

Excellent.. 👏👏

Million thanks.

2+2 is 4, minus 1 thats 3 QUICK MATHS

Thank you my exam is tomorrow and thus helped me lots

I really needed to refresh my mind with these information to start writing my assignment.

I have no words to describe this documentary. This is so sad and so beautiful at the same time! I think that everyone should see it.. It really makes people look at things differently. This is truely inspiring and I feel lucky for having the oportunity to watch this.

Thanks Emma; i love all this

Is this what the world is like now

Was that Dexter reference supposed to be an example of intertextuality? (The “Surprise Motherfucker” at 3:10)

Oh lol, I’m 9-16 cool 🤣

Sehr schöne sprech philosophy hier danke schön gute tema

Thank you for this informative and very well explained series! Seriously appreciated!!


This prick and his demonic crew are still alive? Why?


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