Installing and running Python 2 & 3 in Ubuntu Linux


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How languages may have evolved? You may have won US$10.000

4:28 wrong…

Although Chomsky is his own thoughtful, insightful and knowledgeable self, I get the sense that the interviewer was ill prepared and even a bit arrogant in his approach.

“natural values of animals: “

This was very helpful. Thank you for taking the time and posting this.

Extremely helpful. Thanks a bunch

You were to fast

That was frickin’ awesome!

What a wonderfully refreshing concept, but im not sure I can trust this after PA

What do you use to edit your videos?

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy lmao

It turns out that these assumptions are reasonable enough that the predictions happen to agree with the observation some of the time.

THIS VIDEO IS AMAZING THANKYOU SO MUCH, taking the AP Exam in a week 🙁

Nothing new really. but good for some people to hear what people from other countries say beyond the news in their own language. enjoyed many stories – how were they selected? some mistakes in translation – means it is yet another glossy picture of “humanity”. I would like to hear more Norwegian, Saudi Arabian, Finnish, Turkish, Georgian, Korean etc. stories. senegalese, french and lebanese are overrepresented. But in any case a mammoth idea to show humanity – dont think anyone can do justice to all the complexity. as soon as you get words out – it just confuses.

I’m on page 8 of a 10-page paper due tomorrow! I hope this music helps.

Does this lady have a point?

I heard somebody said that “a piano speaks louder than words”

I have an exam in three weeks and am majorly stressed! My teacher in school tells me to write 15 paragraphs per essay, is that too much? In my opinion this method lacks detail which brought my grade down (I’m resisting the paper). Should I aim for bigger paragraphs, or simply more paragraphs to gain content and avoid needless waffling?

* white man

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