Installing Python 3 and Notepad++ – Python 3 Beginner Programming Part 1




“one-eighth or one-twelfth nigger blood.”

This test is so easy yet people are complaining

The one thing we all have in common is that we all end up in the same hole.

Just apply it to yourself to help your family and others. Great post. Please keep it going. 5 STARS, Derek.


Please LP!!!!!!

Or the other way around?

Dune ♥

I found a better song v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

How do you feel on Mongolian scene 41:36

We read to communicate with other and we read to express out thoughts but what happens when we can’t find the right words to do so…?

So his natural non preforming voice is slipping in and out of consciousness

Funny you should mention Bloodstained. That game started off at what, a $5000 goal? These Kickstarter goals seemed to be under the misconception that scores and scores of their contributors would have pitched tens of thousands at their ideas, but….most gamers are cheapskates, lol. You’d think they’d know that. I mean I have a backed up catalog of stuff on my Steam Wish list that scarcely even gets touched when there’s not a major holiday going on. Like a typical play session of Katamari, you always want to start off small and then start stacking new ceilings after that all-important goal is met.


Because Kinsey’s bizarre work was useful for gaylib’s puposes.


Hungarian is not a Slavic language.

This is revision at its finest…


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