Installing Pyzo Python 3 distribution on Windows 7


Night and The Outsiders should have made the honorable mentions AT LEAST. Sigh

Have Alex ever reproduced…?

I couldn’t make it past all the faces.

Everett said one thing that is correct though. He will be always be grateful to the Piraha UNTIL the day he dies. Keyword there obviously being “until”, because each man must meet his creator. We didn’t come out of nowhere and evolve from space rocks as most scientists have led many to believe.

I really want to take a gap year but I don’t know what I want to do gal x

Thanks so much!

Many thaaaanks

2:56 😂

Why do Indian videos that aren’t in English always have English titles? Haha. Sounds interesting though, is this a serious discussion in India? Or is not taken seriously? Would love to know more about this topic.

I have small handwriting in English. I don’t know about Korean handwriting but when I write in English, it’s small😂 like you can’t even see it!

Sounds Midwestern

That is walled-off from other specializations,

Without that, it it doesnt have any correlation whatsoever.

9:35… that doesn’t make sense… how does falling prices discourage people from buying things? If prices for things I want were really low, I personally would go on a shopping spree.

Love it. Imagine if muslims would listen to and appreciate this music. Could quite possibly put the barbarians on the road to enlightenment.

The general idea today in the essentialist camp of medical researchers and micro-biologists is that there is no doubt a genetic predisposition.

I want earth to win but it feels like man is gonna win

You don’t actually know if I am yelling or not, so asking me why I’m yelling is nonsense. You honestly should be ashamed of yourself that you needed this explained to you, and I say this in all seriousness.

Get some anti-deppresion pills or something…

This video was 10 years ago. Nothing’s changed.

LOL you must be from middle-America. There is no way you have spent time in SoCal; immigrants aside, you cannot possibly be considering SoCal and this being normal speech

I’m dressed as a banana while writing this comment

As a native English speaker, German clicked surprisingly well for me. I understand the grammar well enough to understand most anything I read or hear. It’s almost ironic that what throws me off the most is a “g” being pronounced almost like “ch.” In hearing it, I almost mistake numbers as adverbs.


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