Introduction to Python 3 (part 1)


What about dragon speak from the elder scrolls 5 skyrim??? I’m really intrested in it.

Intro forgot

Uniform blood reference… 😂

Agreed. Stupid. Empathy museums? Wtf

The Catcher in the rye in the top right little quote bubble has strangely really bad quality, I cant read it on anything

The situation at 3:00 is quite different since the people on the plane would die regardless of what you do, therefor it seems foolish to not attempt to avoid a large crowd.

Therd is a duality to it. cultural a situation is created where a shirt might support sexism AND where women are less interested in STEM sciences. without the culture both might not exist. The problem now is that idealists want to make use of one without accepting the other. If you want to argue that stem numbers are a cultural created situation that could be different, you also have to accept that the shirt effect is cultural created and needs to be unlearned. so yeah, if you want to be liberal, dont be a dick about a shirt, but be invested in teaching CHILDREN about equality

3. Ulysses – James Joyce (extreme variety of narrative)

@Dinyang man how many times I have to repeat this to you until you get it, yeah its tax law, BUT it’s joke and not an accurate prediction of getting maximum of revenue, it wont work in global economy just like giving tax breaks to the millionaires didn’t worked last time.

So nyc

What happens if we’re all one global family, but there is no enemy?

I would have appreciated a team of psychiatrists, brain surgeons, neurologists and specialists in latent advanced stage syphilis and Alzheimer/Parkinson’s as opposed to a bobble headed Trumpist linguist lip farting her babble.

HR got fukked when pu$$y started to dominate the operations. My opinion.

This is stupid. Who knows if these assholes even know what they’re talking about. Captions make these videos unwatchable.

Yes. le aao wapas comment to sanskirt mei likh dete


I don’t care that I don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

“I’m buried six feet under, and no one hears my screams.”

Isn’t the 2nd noble truth, “suffering is caused by our misinterpretation/ignorant view of the world as having inherent existence?”

9. – Tom’s Midnight Garden


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