Ira Krakow’s Python 3 Tutorial Part 1 (Expressions)



longer than in the northern parts of Perkunia-Hercynia depopulated by

111k People always give you up

Dude, nobody wants to hear how clever your own lyrics are. Don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back.

1:27 haha sitting at home and watching #TWD lol. btw thanks a lot for this great series of lectures.

I still failed my test ;_;

How is this guy even president?? Seriously!!!

Farmers in a nutshell.

Can you please do albanian language

Never gonna run around and desert you

Aesop Rock (in ‘The Greatest Pac-Man Victory in History’ a whole verse is formed using words beginning with L, S, D; generally he’s been king of weird wordplay since he hit the scene in the late ’90s)

I may know how time travel works, I may even know how the parallel words theory works…

Rick wat is my purpose?? to pass*

The only thing you have to do is feeling well and being positive, the rest comes alone.

Sir mai Economic se hons kar raha hu kya ap bataye ge ki kaise study karu mai jo part1 ache marks aaye plzzz notes bana kar dijiye to hindi me plzzz plzz sir


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