Ira Krakow’s Python 3 Tutorial Part 6 (Functions)


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In my country we learn aeiou really strictly we learn that so that we will all have the same pronunciation we also have a writing test for it we learn it from the age of 5

Very helpful stuff. Makes things a lot easier. You have an excellent way of teaching so keep it up.


I’m starting to learn Japanese and I kinda know French so I need some tips lol

Sometimes folk need to back off their pretentious shitholiness and bear in mind that without intertextuality (damn, i feel like a pompous twat for writing that word) there would be no parody. for that matter, there probably wouldn’t even be such a thing as marketing if we took it outside the realm of movies and literature (i’m not over-thinking this statement, so don’t expect an argument about it).

Gotta love being the first cohort for a new spec, I’d love some past papers right about now.



How about Snowden?

As for word play Wayne is way better

Like becouse you’re so cute

Very sad! Human beings are such assholes

Have your any Email address? kindly share in your video I am from Pakistan and preparing for lectureship of Economics and your video is owsame I am your Fan and want to talk to you,

Granted, like Hot Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce can have all sorts of different recipes, and be made differently, and McDonald’s specific recipe is still a mystery, I can’t imagine it being all that different than most Teriyaki Sauces you’ll find at a store. Hell, depending on your tastes, some might be better.

I can’t tell if this is making fun of liberals or how conservatives see liberals


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