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Is that supposed to be double spaced


Alot of my friends watched this whole series about a year ago, and now they all have detailed economic arguments that i can’t take part in. It’s time for change.

Hot dog instead of dog house

No, but he mentions that we lose our natural propensity towards empathy when it is repressed by bad parenting, education systems, business practices and government. When money is more important than people, our empathy for others is decreased or repressed because sometimes making money is at the detriment of people and society. Making money regardless of who or what it hurts. Sound familiar? It’s happening every second of every day.

The Kurgan hypotheses has more approval than the anatolian hypothese.

I think the linguist is trying to get a cushy DC job by sucking up to the Moron in Chief.

Nice IELTS Liz it’s nice. i really wana to be in essay writing for my competitive exam in which each essay carry a 100 mark for that high level essay i really need help and practice so please if anyone wana help me or want to practice feel free to add me on skype for essay practice: usman. musazai

Barbarians or Germanic tribes. The “Germanic” “culture” and (Iron Age)

What did I learn?


Iā€™m so tired.

Nyc vedio sir

I have the aqa companion books for both subjects and I think I’m getting their with LTTA by self-teaching but I’m really stuck with the war side of things, I have the Oxford Book of War Poetry and for prose have Birdsong by Sebastian Faulkes, Testament for Youth by Vera Brittain and The First Casualty by Ben Elton for my wider reading. The only play I have is Journey’s End. When it comes to structuring the exam I am clueless, I know theories such as feminism, marxism and psychoanalysis; contexts of the time and can remember quotes from books but I don’t know how to tie them altogether and write an A grade answer.

It needs to be said. The black comments are so dumb šŸ˜‚

Thanks Emma..I scored a 8.5 on my IELTS.. found your tips really beneficial

Thank you for your videos!!!!!!

Final exam tomorrow morning, using these to do my revision.


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