K-d Tree in Python #3 — Finale


Truse me these guys are fine. Just look at the ap psych crash course host.

He talks like an idiot because he IS and idiot. Case closed, next case!

My God this is worst than racism in America. that is the dumbest racism ever. OMG! they are so dumb. I am speechless!


Indians are the most racist nation on the earth!

Actually has been a year and a half….


Reneau…100,000 subs! Looking forward to a million subs. You an amazing person that I aspire to be.

Real pronunciation of Gautama: Gow thuh (th like in theocracy) muh (muh sound like in mermaid)

I only have one Question

It is nice

+1 for having native american heritage

Statistics proving that women are treated unfairly in STEM fields do not prove that this is caused by shirts.

I love the tag team dynamic!

Biri hayrına Türkçe’ye çevirseydi..

Waste of time tbh. Only thing that was worth it was the quote at the end (of the President of Uruguay), as I believe that is the only quote which is actually useful to anyone. Additionally, the documentary feels like it has an ulterior motive it’s trying to push, especially with all the emotional things within it.

Simple. to the point. great job. thanx

Please guys do the. right thing

What is the message of this video? You’re an idiot…

Indo Europeans in India follow Indo European and Dravidian religion of Hinduism

Annoyed that both sides thickheadedly claims to be the reasonable and ethical side all the while demonizing the other side.


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