Kurs Python 3 – lekcja 25 – Gui Tkinter – pierwsze okno


He has contributed a lot to the field of applied linguistics but his theory is not as well accepted as the video suggests. In fact, it has attracted more criticism than many other theories.

Did no one with a voice do the reading before class? As for the professor, he needs to exclude that balcony-man – possibility in the thought experiment with a simple stipulation, thus preserving the philosophical significance of the case.

This man is awesome

I find this woman so attractive.

Any a2 essays?

Gr8 man salute…

I think I’m going to go back to presentable liberty because this is OK and it’s kind of a little bit better cause he made a game of thrones reference which it’s weird how I do stuff or find out stuff and suddenly just appears a lot in life like two times I’ve seen stuff that I know from Game of Thrones which I recently just started watching only on episode six and it’s awesome

50 Shades of Gray

Aurda Mcdonalds Billie Holiday is amazing

Dude honestly thank you so much for making these videos I really wish more teachers were as good as you, really appreciate your enthusiasm for your subject and how fun you try to make it 🙂 really helps a lot thank you dude

We are adding a Germany every year in population terms its bout 82 million a year and its rising. we live to unsustainable and were destroying all other life on the planet. 200 species go extant every day. are greed and want for shinny things has no place in nature

«Κοίτα τι σου ζωγράφισα, πληγή μου».

And if there’s something you really can’t talk about then, no problem, just stop wasting people’s time

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I do ironically chuckle that her mannerisms and dress are pretty standard lesbian.

Nice movie

I started to check your end of video. We have already tons of lectures notes discussion notes etc… 🙂 absolutely I don’t like your videos anymore.

This was a bit of a silly test, answering these questions have nothing to deal with mental age besides stereotypically having fun or relaxing like a adult or like a kid. You should have no problem identifying yourself by yourself.

You rock

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