Learn Python 3 in your PJs!



Do I need to read the whole article(s) or the abstract

Sad and true 😭😭

Art. Pure art.

Bt vo next year bhi to isko sale kr skta h

Har temple Brahmins mein ko free mein donations milta..there 2000 crores temples in India and world.. Imagine how much money each temple generates..many 2000 crores a day.

This is why I love Obama

Dont worry about population just make sure you got enough dehydrated food stored before oil runs out. Nature will take care of the rest. no oil – no fertiliser – no food.


Where is the word template file?


c. So if you are good at producing something – specialize at it and then with others.


Eyal Rittberg

I really liked it, you seemed to have done a ton of research, but maybe give reasons for why we do these things, like why holding palms out means honest. Just a suggestion.

It’s very useful for the learners…

Why? its better then firing a shitload of expensive nukes on your foe as well as it cant be blocked atm XD

This video is right, but not all of us

Look all those dumb feminists.

Would be interesting to hear you talking about The Sims language 🙂


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