Lecture – 1 Python 3 Vs Python 2 and Install Python3



I’m gonna suggest Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson. It’s my most favorite book on all entire earth and the galaxy’s and universe itself!

る。真空は無ではなく霊の集合である。 量子力学は光が粒子と波の2面性を持ったものと

The economy thrives when it is able to maximize the productivity, both individually and collectively, of its citizens. To this end the government should supply those needs that both quality economic evidence, and stakeholders in society deem are required in order for its citizens to thrive and maximize their productivity (eg education – better educated people tend to benefit the economy more), even going so far as ‘saving citizens from themselves’ (eg making if more difficult for smokers to smoke, as this would harm both their individual and the public’s health, impacting upon the productivity of the economy).

This is life changing. And if you cannot see that, you are not ready. I hope you will be one day though. This should be watched by everyone.

Me: shook

Really Interesting!

Why hitler dies..

Was there a failure of communications within the administration on that date?

I did a small essay on poe a few months ago. And in a few ways Emerson reminds me of him. It’s almost as if Poe and him could be the alternative version of each other. But the major difference could be the fact that Emerson overcame many things Poe could not.

Planned economies are stupid for the above reason that not everyone will want the product. Consumer taste applies in any economic system, and is better appeased with a market economy where a government puts just enough regulations to raise quality without hurting productivity of the economy. …Communism does not always equate to a planned economy.

Does it matters if i am doing edexcel board?

Thank you sir

This is a capitalism selvage

I struggled with depression for 3 years 6 months of major depression and this presentation just gave me a whole new perspective on life and I am forever grateful.

Hello please i need help

Never gonna let you down

不打自招 confess without torture 🙂


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