Live coding Python 3 + PyQt 5: JGRPGTools


If there were an exam on these comments, id pass with ease because of the amount of times ive read the SAME ones

When basic necessities of life are met creativity will flourish.

Never trust someone who uses Comic Sans 😉


The “and woman!” added to the quotes is not needed and really makes you look like either batshit crazy feminazis or have sold your reputation to such people. Since I assume you are mentally sane, I would highly recommend removing it.

You know, I think the Doctor Who episode where The Doctor goes back and meets Shakespere (or Billy Shakes as I like to call him) does a really good job of showing the lowbrow-ness that John was talking about. Billy made sure his stuff was liked by the masses and not just the nobles.

Fear porn, we the humans are gods creators, the agenda is finished the game over babylon is fallen. Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! times

He’s never says a coherent sentence.

While other religions tell me that i am a piece of crap, and i need to lick God’s ass 24/7 order to be called a good person

Yeah that’s the thing, these concepts aren’t difficult to grasp and understand, but the video and music make it really tough to hear what amy’s saying, and just end up muddling the message.

Where is the biography of caitlyn jenner?!

This was legit my main pet peeve with Civil War and no one understood what I meant when I said it looks ugly but yes it’s the lack of color depth. Everything looks like it’s set on the lowest saturation setting on my tv and it does the movie a huge disservice.


That shit was fire

I have only studied IE languages as a more of a hobby sort of way so I have no comment on the PIE Urheimat question itself. I have one comment but I’ll have to start a new comment because I need more characters.

He know more english than i!

“They’re tekkin’ our jerbs!”

Frodo is not a human, he is a hobbit.


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