Live Matplotlib Graph in Tkinter Window in Python 3 – Tkinter tutorial Python 3.4 p. 7


I’m writing a TOEFL essay, this was very helpful.

Thank you Liz, I got my IELTS result yesterday and I got band 8 overall. The breakdown is:

Sir… Aram se padhaya karo… Aur acha lagega..


I am thankful from your subscribe and i need your further contribution

Nice IELTS Liz it’s nice. i really wana to be in essay writing for my competitive exam in which each essay carry a 100 mark for that high level essay i really need help and practice so please if anyone wana help me or want to practice feel free to add me on skype for essay practice: usman. musazai

Appreciate the information on writing a problem statement. It appear that the literature review will guide the study and provide clarity to the problem statement. I love the videos Dr. White and keep them coming. Future Dr. Jones

17 minutes in at the moment, don’t know if these are mentioned later.

You guys should really do one on either Nisargadatta Maharaj or Ramana Maharshi. Their teachings unify what Buddha, Lao Tzu and Rene Descartes taught all in one. I’d recommend checking out the book “I Am That”.

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He can’t rap fam

Thanks a bunch….mate

The Church wants me to kick it into high gear, but I won’t.

One there was a black girl in there yes only one but still and I like that”s all you concentrate on yes race may have something to deal with what color people are there but you don’t even know what class that is and how can you judge a whole university just by one class? That is not a good observation at all and complain? If you actually watched the video they did not complain once they were showing what they do with their time and how what they learn applies to their life. That was 5 years ago

This guy’s Jared Dunn from Silicon Valley impression is really good

Research paper

I got a better one. Micro = Romney and Macro = Paul


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