Mac OS X Python Tutorial: Part 3 – Creating Your First Script [HD]


OUTPUT Love this video and game Genny, keep it up!

I own Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in 4K Bluray and it’s amazing in HDR!


I also reacted earlier on about the Wheel line. Two reasons.

I wouldn’t mind you parling français for a whole episode John, your accent sounds quite acceptable 🙂

Openness and availability point is spot on

This is crazy I consider myself a polygot and literally all the things he is saying I use subconsiously when I learn a new language, learn simple pronouns verbs etc and trying to piece diffrent phrases together I 100% relate too this crazy great video

Damn u fine!!

Latin.. the best language to learn to communicate with no one.

But whatever your choice, I agree with the speaker, learning a language is fun (hard, but fun 🙂

These Finals don’t stand a chance, studying here I come!!!

My hard drive bay is sectioned, I reckoned Ryzen 4.1 NiggaHertz per second inspected no errors detected. Dependent on memory, bottleneck by stability; call Intel and have them de lid for me they work for me, perform open heart surgery without a sense of urgency. rhymes off the dome hot enough to form an extra chromosome the rap throne heavily dependent on your skin tone. Buy a keyboard wear it around my neck, alt f4 for a drop of my respect. Smart car with the lifted roof ontop, V69 engine with the doors that drop. Dodge caravan with the turbo blazing, pull up to a daycare and do some street racing at the park, your scented nailpolish game is weak, I’ll silence your ability to think before you speak. Now that’s a resurection of our presidential election, very unwanted like a viral infection so disinfection? deceived by the media, how do I know I looked it up on wikipedia they breeding ya, it’s the whole nation. Bush did 911 and it took dedication the entire station, is listening and boobie trapped, phone has been tapped don’t uestion me like it’s not a fact illuminati got us doing jumping jack I roll up with a snickers and pack of tic tacs I lick racks, bike racks I do, jump in with me and the flat eart… no I draw the line here. I shed a tear but the onion is near. Listen to my raps on audacity, get with the times and sign up for rhapsody napster, winamp open till the morning after laughing at laughter for 6 minutes after.

Love this but studing programming

My success comes from the great mentors like Tony Robbins > See more tributes to greatness www. RobertTothSculptor. com

8.The Hobbit

No minions language?

You could clearly tell the Ghostface video was a joke.

Science please 💞

Fuck you


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